Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bot Blast 2015: Thoughts on the Other Bots (Antweights)

Hello friends! I am back from my hiatus from blogging, so I thought I'd do a predictions post about my next event, Bot Blast 2015. For Bot Blast, I'm only bringing Slim Pickens and Thunder Child. I thought I'd divide up the posts by weight class, so I will first be doing the antweights. For the record I will be talking about every bot that has a picture of it, or I know what it looks like. To view the Duilders Database lineup, click here.

Anyway, here we go:

Antelope- Well driven wedge, I think he will be using the full wedge this time rather than the wedgelets, so I have to be more careful. Antelope has dropped out of the event.

Blutsauger- So far it looks like a nasty dumbot. I've seen the build progress of it, and it impresses me.

Cornerstone- I got beaten by this bot at Motorama because I had ESC problems. It's a well driven bot that I hopefully will be able to outdrive.

Cyclone- I haven't really seen that much of it in action, but I simply want to go right into his blade and make sure my wheels aren't attacked.

Dark Blade- I've seen footage of it that Russ posted, and it looks FIERCE. However, it did run into issues at a Seattle event. Russ should be able to fix it in time for the event.

Dark Pounder- Dark Pounder scares me. However, it might not be an unstoppable bot. Since Bot Blast uses a wooden floor, Dark Pounder will not have the advantage by using magnet wheels. It lost at the Seattle event because it got stuck under the arena seams, so if I'm lucky, you never know.

Ferocious Mk. - I actually don't know if Brandon Young is going to use this one, since he has three other bots entered. If he does, I'll have to outdrive it.

FireArrow V2- It doesn't have a picture but I know it's going to be similar to Kobalos but with the Fingertech Sumo Wheels. He'll be tough.

Gyroscopic- The bot that beat me at my first event is back. However, I'm faster and more maneuverable than before, so I think I have a good shot.

Justice- Should be fun. I've got to watch the wheels, though.

Petit Gateau- A first-try build from a long time fan of the sport. Looks crude, but I think it could surprise a few people.

Satan's Segway- Probably the coolest bot here. I'll use the horns and keep him at bay.

Spinzilla- The Same as Cyclone. Watch the wheels.

The Ophidian- One of the new Viper Kits that I really want to fight. If I flip him over, then I can control the fight and prevent him from chopping my wheels off.

The Red Shpee- Slow wedge, probably a joke entry.

My Top 3 most scared of bots:

1. Dark Pounder

2. Dark Blade

3. FireArrow V2

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