Friday, June 12, 2015

Bot Blast 2015: Thoughts on the Other Bots (Beetleweights)

This is part two of my thoughts on the Bot Blast 2015 competitors. If you have not yet read the antweight thoughts post, I would recommend you read it first.

I decided to run Thunder Child instead of Viciously Circular for two reasons:

1. After its performance at Motorama, I decided to run it.
2. Viciously Circular is being worked on by Kyle Singer.

Like the previous post, I will only be doing the bots that either have images, or I know what they look like. To view the full Builders Database list, click here.

#1 Low Blow- I'm worried that I won't be able to push it, but at the same time have a feeling it'll be pretty slow. It should be able to stand up to most of the spinners.

Arcbeetle- It's a Kyle Singer bot, so I can expect it to be deadly. I think it'll place this year.

Dark Pummeler- Not looking forward to it just like Dark Pounder. It got third at the Seattle event, and I think it'll go far

El Destructo- It's gotten a complete makeover, and it looks great. Brandon has been pouring his heart and soul into this bot, so it'll be neat to see how it does.

Gemini- Fast wedge, I just need to outdrive it to win. Hopefully I don't have to fight it (I don't want a wedgefest).

Mondo Bizarro- Two-time reigning champion. Probably the most successful Weta kit next to Weta itself. I think I can beat it. I have the anti-drum attachment, and if I can beat Grande Tambor, Mondo's next!

Nocturne- It had weapon problems at Motorama, but hopefully they've been sorted out. It's well driven, too.

One Fierce Fourty Five- A melty brain spinner made by Gene. I've seen it in a video before, and it's scary. I'll use the scoop to keep it at bay.

Rmr- It had some issues at the last two events it was at, and hopefully they'll be fixed. I kind of want to fight it, because I think it'll be an entertaining fight.

Robo-Rooter- Very vicious looking horizontal spinner built by Alex. I really hope it doesn't eat itself like it did two years ago, since I really want to fight it.

Scorpius- This bot is a 3D printed undercutter with a blade similar to that of Traumatizer. I don't like fighting undercutters, but I'll see what happens.

Scrambles the Death Dealer- Always looking mean event after event, it always comes up short. I really hope Tim's modifications work out this time.

Short Circuit- Another drum, I should be okay with this one. The lack of wheelguards could be a problem for it.

YardMaster, Master of Yards- Similar to Jamison Go's Silent Spring, I've just got to be careful and not let it get the best of me.

My top three scared-of bots in the beetleweight division are:

  1.  Dark Pummeler
  2.  Mondo Bizarro 
  3. Arcbeetle

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